31 Mar 2021

What is a midlife crisis anyway?

What is a midlife crisis? Midlife can be a challenging time when a person can feel lost, unsure of which way to turn and that their life is lacking in meaning. Differing paths may present themselves at midlife, but it can be hard to know which one to take without knowing if it will improve...
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30 Jul 2018

What’s holding you back?

Feeling you might be resisting success? Here are 3 possible reasons as to what’s holding you back from being the best and happiest you can be. Marianne Williamson a spiritual leader, author and lecturer once wrote these infamous words (often attributed to Nelson Mandela) “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest...
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14 Jun 2018

Healthy narcissism is essential

It’s time to bring in some healthy narcissism. Most of us only know the term narcissist in a very derogatory sense, often applied to ex partners, ex bosses, rogue surgeons, politicians, world leaders….  Narcissism exists on a spectrum (as with most personality disorders) and those who appear at the far end of the spectrum are...
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21 May 2018

Mindful in Midlife

‘Do you think mindfulness, being mindful in midlife will work for me, will it make me happier and more content?’  my clients often ask. The NHS tells us paying more attention to the present moment and to your own thoughts and feelings can improve mental wellbeing. I’m sure that’s true, but mindfulness and therapy –...
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1 May 2018

How to play in midlife

How to play in midlife When we were growing up, play was an essential part of life. But many of us forget how to play when we are older, there’s so little time. Many of us don’t even know how to play. Often we don’t realise this until we have our own kids and we...
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5 Apr 2018

Can you think your way out of a midlife crisis?

Can you think your way out of a midlife crisis? Well the short answer is, no, you can’t. Many clinical psychologists these days are trained in a model of therapy known as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT for short, which address’s clients negative thought patterns with the aim of changing them to more supportive thoughts,...
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