Finding Meaning

“Midlife is the time to let go of an overdominant ego and to contemplate the deeper significance of human existence.” C.G. Jung

The key to happiness in Midlife is to live a life with meaning – easier said than done, I hear you cry!

Often the first part of life is spent finding our place in the world and how we fit in. The second half of life is about finding ourselves and living a life with meaning. Those people who have affairs and buy fast cars and engage in thrill-seeking behaviour are reliving the first part of life again…often to their disadvantage. True contentment and happiness can come from living the second half of life differently to the first.

People stabilise and find contentment in midlife when their identity and integrity is based on an internal sense of self – that is one that really connects and fits with who they are now are and isn’t rooted in externals such as societal expectations and values or cultural influences and it isn’t based on the identity we formed in our early life which was influenced and reinforced by parental figures. We need to redefine ourselves, our relationships and how we spend our time, consciously and live our life accordingly so that our life has meaning. This meaning may not be what society dictates, but what you connect with on a personal and value driven level now, in midlife.

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