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News Articles

BookAuthority | 1st July 2024
20 Best Mid-Life Crisis Books of All Time

50... Is this really all I amount to?

The Telegraph | 30th June 2024
50… Is this really all I amount to?


iNews | 12th June 2024
What struggling couples can learn from Rory McIlroy

Buying a Porsche doesn’t mean I’m having a midlife crisis

The Telegraph | 16th March 2024
Buying a Porsche doesn’t mean I’m having a midlife crisis

My husband has embarked on a mystical midlife reboot

The Telegraph | 3rd March 2024
My husband has embarked on a mystical midlife reboot

Good Housekeeping | March 2024 Edition
The New Health Discoveries That Could Change Your Life

Separate beds

iNews | 5th February 2024
Why Separate Beds Could Save Your Relationship


Good Housekeeping | February 2024 Edition
Live ’til You’re 100 and Love it


Sainsburys Magazine | 3rd January 2024
Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

Why do middle-aged men keep crying?

The Times | 27th November 2023
Why do middle-aged men keep crying?

review psychotherapist autumn 2023

New Psychotherapist | 2nd November 2023
The Midlife Crisis Handbook – Review

iNews | 19th September 2023
My kids left home, it triggered a midlife crisis

Eight ways to beat autumn anxiety

The Times | 5nd September 2023
Eight Ways to Beat Autumn Anxiety

The 3 stages of a midlife crisis

The Telegraph | 2nd September 2023
The Three Classic Stages of a Midlife Crisis

inews-my husband

iNews | 2nd August 2023
My Husband and I Live Apart


The Times | 25th July 2023
The New Workout? It’s at the Office


Sainsbury’s Magazine | August 2023 Edition
Case Closed


The Sunday Times | 23rd July 2023
My Big Fat Middle-aged Wedding | 29th June 2023
Signs of a mid-life crisis and how to avoid one

Irish Examiner | 23rd June 2023
A Sunny Outlook Toward Ageing

BookAuthority | 23rd June 2023
12 Best New Direction eBooks 2023

New Psychotherapist | 20th June 2023
Reflections on ageing (PDF)

Body+Soul | 16th June 2023
6 Signs of a Midlife Crisis

The Times | 2nd June 2023
Antidepressants – killed my libido (PDF)


Deborah Sloan | 22nd May 2023
Pondering Midlife on the Algarve

The Telegraph | 7th May 2023
Am I broken or spoilt (PDF)

British Psychological Society | 5th May 2023
Standing at the midlife threshold

YOU | 20th April 2023
In a crisis (PDF)

The Times | 15th April 2023
Prevent memory loss (PDF)

The Times | 8th April 2023
How to Avoid Burnout (PDF)

The Times | 11th March 2023
The New Midlife Crisis (PDF)

Medscape UK | 27th December 2022
Am I Burned Out?


Triple M Breakfast AU | 5th July 2023
What causes a midlife crisis

The Midult | 19th April 2023
I’m Absolutely Fine!

Youtube Videos


Channel 5 | 25th July 2023
Better to Get Married When You’re Middle-aged?

Today Extra | 29th June 2023
Spotting a Midlife Crisis

TalkTV | 19th March 2023
Trisha Goddard

GB News | 14th March 2023
Eamonn & Isabel

Natalie Jill Fitness | 3rd January 2023
Juggling Doubt and Uncertainty

"It's never too late
to start afresh,
your future happiness
may depend on it."

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