Midlife Career

The professional midlife crisis is a lot more widespread than people realise. My typical clients may have been in their chosen professional for a decade, often longer and climbed well up the corporate ladder to professional success.

Often they are in a relationship where their salary contributes to the family home, mortgage, kids driving lessons and private education etc. Other clients are single and have a mortgage and other responsibilities that mean just quitting their job isn’t an option.

The last thing anyone needs when they have financial commitments is a sense that their job is unfulfilling, starting to drain them and it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise the energy to get out of bed and be enthusiastic with work colleagues or employees. Maybe you already feel trapped; trapped by the business; trapped by the demands of the family which up until now haven’t really been a bother. You may have been trying to bury your feelings of frustration and desire for something more meaningful in your life but now these feelings refuse to be kept down.

There is no easy way out here as responsibilities don’t disappear overnight. Articles offering quick strategies to overcoming your professional midlife crisis are futile as finding meaning in your professional life, after it has been lost is not a quick fix, it requires a conscious negotiation as responsibilities continue to be upheld or re-negotiated. A quick jump to a new position will only be a temporary fix as an internal search for fulfilment in your work life is carried out through the process of working through your midlife crisis and consciously mobilised toward. I offer midlife career advice on twitter and facebook and via my blog.