Online Therapy


Midlife is a time of transition which can be centred around a variety of issues and challenges.

Midlife therapy is focused on enabling you to create a life with meaning and purpose which brings you joy. Online therapy offers you a space to explore your current life and supports you in identifying the areas of your life that no longer resonate with the person you want to be, and change them.

Sessions are structured around the aspects of midlife detailed in my book.

  • Updating your personal values so they can act as a motivational driver for future change.
  • Identifying the areas of your life which cause you the most unhappiness.
  • Letting go of unhealthy attachments such as objects, self-limiting beliefs, inner critical voice and people who hold you back from becoming all that you could be.
  • Experiencing and managing liminality where you will begin to firm up your new identity for the second half of your life.
  • Active experimentation to fully align your life in accordance with your true values, desires, wants and needs.  

Therapy Sessions

Therapy is tailored to meet the unique needs of each person.
Cost: £120 per session