Taking Responsibility

Dodinsky said ‘We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life’. In order to move forward in midlife you have to take responsibility for yourself. The process of change cannot begin until you accept responsibility for what you have done to contribute to where you are in life.

Sometimes that can be a bit ugly, especially if you’ve steered yourself into a life that doesn’t make you happy, a job you hate or a relationship past its sell by date.

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre held the view that one of the inescapable conditions of human life is the requirement to make choices and accept responsibility for the consequences of those choices. When you try and make excuses for your failings, unhappiness or lack of success or try to blame somebody else or external factors for the eventual outcome of something you fail to take responsibility for yourself.

When you step up and accept ‘I got myself here’ you reassign power from external factors to an internal capacity to enact change and you can move forward in your life. Self awareness will support you in making conscious choices which steer you towards creating a more meaningful life.