Therapy and Fees

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery which we undertake together with the purpose of making you happier.

The process of therapy encourages reflection which helps you to understanding yourself better – increasing your self-awareness which in turn enables you to better deal with life’s challenges, bolster your resilience and make relevant and informed choices in the here and now which support a sense of self-fulfilment, well-being and happiness.

I offer a welcoming, supportive and confidential environment as I know it can be really difficult to talk at times or even know where to start! I will engage enthusiastically with you and listen carefully with warmth, empathy and insight to aid your awareness and understanding.

Often clients are resourceful and when they come to see me they have tried to support themselves outwardly to overcome their unhappiness, but when dissatisfaction still prevails, the journey required is inward not outward.

Therapy sessions tend to be weekly at the beginning and fees per session are £90. Both face-to-face and Skype sessions are available.

Dr Julie Hannan sees clients at her private clinic, Morency Therapy in Birmingham, details can be found at